LEADTOOLS Imaging Kits Get New .NET Standard, Azure Cloud Libraries

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Imaging dev tools specialist LEAD Technologies announced the release of LEADTOOLS Version 20 with new libraries leveraging .NET Standard, Microsoft’s effort to unify .NET API usage across different platforms and projects such as .NET Framework, .NET Core and Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin. LEADTOOLS Imaging Kits Get New .NET Standard, Azure Cloud Libraries Source: Visual […]


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Jeff Burtoft from the web apps team shares some history about how Progressive Web Apps came to Windows and what it means to build great PWAs. PWA Builder Like, Share, Subscribe Questions, comments, suggestions – comment below or on Twitter Follow @ifdefWINDOWSFollow @metulev #ifdef PROGRESSIVE_WEB_APPS | #ifdef WINDOWS Source: MSDN Channel 9

Machine Learning with Azure Notebooks | AI Show

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In this episode of the AI show Paige and Lo talk about Azure notebooks. They start off with the Titanic dataset and show how to use Azure Notebooks to create a random forest classifier from scratch. The whole machine learning process is detailed from data acquisition, to data cleaning, and finally creating a machine learning […]

Episode 3: Five Things About React | Five Things

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Learn where the React framework came from, why it is component centric, and what React Fiber is from Dan Abramov and Burke Holland. Why does React make state and components first class concepts? Why does Burke think he is a component? Does Facebook really have 30,000 components in production? Should you use Redux? Why isn’t […]

Angular and ASP.NET Core

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Rui Figueiredo describes in detail how you can use both ASP.NET and Angular together and several approaches you can take on how to deploy them Angular and ASP.NET Core Source: ASP.NET Daily Articles

Interview with Peggy Johnson, Executive VP of Business Development | GALs

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As executive vice president of business development, Peggy Johnson is responsible for driving strategic partnerships and transactions to accelerate growth for Microsoft and its customers. Johnson works with external partners around the world, ranging from start-ups to large-scale enterprises, to identify areas of collaboration, drive innovation and unlock shared value. In this capacity, she also […]

Serverless and Internet of Things | Internet of Things Show

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The IoT Show welcomes Bahram Banisadr from the Azure Events Grid team to discuss Serverless in IoT. Serverless technologies, like Azure Functions, take away the burden of managing infrastructure and enable you to focus on your IoT-powered business logic. IoT projects usually have variable traffic which means accumulating infrastructure to account for peak loads, isn’t […]