Introducing ML Services 9.3 in Azure HDInsight | Data Exposed

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In this episode, we chat with Katherine Kampf, PM on Azure Big Data team, about the newly introduced ML Services in Azure HDInsight. ML Services includes highly scalable, distributed set of algorithms such as RevoscaleR, revoscalepy, and microsoftML that can work on data sizes larger than the size of physical memory, and run on a wide variety of platforms […]

TypeScript 3.0 Ships

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It includes new project reference functionality, support for operating on parameter lists, new types to enforce explicit checks, improved JSX support, a better error UX and much more. TypeScript 3.0 Ships Source: Visual Studio News

How to Fix All the Things with Logging + Metrics + Error Tracking | The Open Source Show

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Chloe Condon (@chloecondon), Developer Evangelist at, returns with Bridget Kromhout (@bridgetkromhout) to talk about all things observability — and show us how you to get started with error tracking, create real-time alerts for the issues that matter to you, dive into stack traces to understand issues, and integrate with your favorite tools and services. […]

Automate Azure Resources with Ansible | Azure Friday

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Kylie Liang joins Lara Rubbelke to demo how to use Ansible, an open-source, simple IT automation engine for automating cloud provisioning, configuration management and application deployments on Azure. Kylie also shares the roadmap for Ansible on Azure. For more information: Ansible in Azure Documentation (docs) Ansible Playbook Samples for Azure (GitHub) Ansible modules (GitHub) Microsoft […]