Five Things About GitHub | Five Things

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Phil Haack joins John Papa on this week’s FIVE THINGS to talk about (more than) five things about GitHub. Check out these links from the show: Ignore white space in code review blog post Keep your project boards up to date, automatically blog post Github Desktop Analyzing GitHub Issue Comment Sentiment With Azure blog post […]

Introducing the Azure Blockchain Development Kit | Block Talk

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In this episode we introduce the Azure Blockchain Development Kit, highlighting new samples that show case three key themes – Connect – Connect users, organizations, and devices to blockchain solutions, highlighting IoT, SMS, and Bots. Integrate – Integrate to existing legacy systems and protocols, highlighting legacy (FTP, Flat File) and media. Deploy – DevOps for […]

Talks and Highlights From CppCon 2018! | C9::GoingNative

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CppCon happened again this year in Bellevue, Washington! In this video, Steve Carroll chatted with Jon Kalb, the CppCon conference organizer, about the conference and where it’s going next, along with a number of speakers who participated. Links to the recordings of the talks are available below.  [11:03]: Guy Davidson – Lightweight 2D graphics with […]

7 Tips for Creating Technical Content | The Open Source Show

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Based on their experiences writing for various sites, hosting YouTube series, and organizing and presenting at conferences, Adron Hall (@adron) and Christina Warren (@film_girl) share their top tips for creating technical content, including the critical things that are easy to forget. You’ll learn where they (and others) have gone wrong, so you don’t make the […]