Azure App Configuration | The Cloud Native Show

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Azure App Configuration is a developer-focused service in Azure that manages and distributes application settings. It helps implement patterns, such as the 12-factor app, and is particularly useful for cloud native and other distributed applications. In this episode, we’ll discuss how you can use Azure App Configuration to simplify management of and secure access to […]

Open Source Orleans ('Distributed .NET') Hits Version 3.0

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Orleans, an open-source, cross-platform framework for building distributed applications with .NET that was created by Microsoft Research nine years ago, has been updated to version 3.0, with a new scheduler, code generator, co-hosting support and more. Open Source Orleans ('Distributed .NET') Hits Version 3.0 Source: Visual Studio News

Visual Studio for Mac: Improved productivity for .NET Core developers | Visual Studio Toolbox

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In this video, Sayed Hashimi shows how .NET Core developers using Visual Studio for Mac can improve their productivity. He’ll also demo some features which have been recently added including selecting a browser for run/debug and the support for launchSettings.json. For more information, go to Visual Studio for Mac: Improved productivity for .NET Core […]

Xamarin.Forms 101: Styles | The Xamarin Show

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Let’s take a step back in a new mini-series that I like to call Xamarin.Forms 101. In each episode we will walk through a basic building block of Xamarin.Forms to help you build awesome cross-platform iOS, Android, and Windows applications in .NET. This week we take a look at sharing XAML code for a consistent look and […]

The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform: An Introduction | Internet of Things Show

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Are you interested in connected vehicles? ( Did you know that Microsoft counts some of the largest car manufacturers in the world as customers of its Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) In this show you’ll get an overview of MCVP.  MCVP is plumbing—the undifferentiated, heavy lifting common across connected vehicle applications—that Microsoft has made available […]

Introducing SQL Server 2019 | Data Exposed

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SQL Server 2019 is the latest version of the versatile and venerable SQL Server. This latest version continues to redefine SQL Server from a traditional relational database system to a data platform for every data scenario from OLTP to DW to now big data and analytics. In this video, we’ll give you a quick overview […]