Creating custom bindings for Azure Functions | On .NET

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Bindings in Azure Functions allows you to declaratively connect another resource to your serverless function as input or output. In this episode, Matías Quaranta takes us step by step through the fundamentals of creating a custom binding, and also how to incorporate it in an Azure Functions project. [03:44] – Step 1 Defining the attribute for the binding [05:38] […]

Azure Friday Live – Building serverless Python apps with Azure Functions | Azure Friday

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Recorded live at Build 2019, Asavari Tayal joins Scott Hanselman to take a closer look at Python support in Azure Functions, which provides accelerated development and serverless hosting of event-driven applications. Python is a great fit for data manipulation, machine learning, scripting, and automation scenarios. Building these solutions using serverless Azure Functions can take away […]

Serverless automation using PowerShell in Azure Functions | Azure Friday

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Eamon O’Reilly joins Scott Hanselman to show how PowerShell in Azure Functions makes it possible for you to automate operational tasks and take advantage of the native Azure integration to deliver and maintain services. Azure Functions overview Create your first PowerShell function in Azure (preview) Azure Functions PowerShell repo (GitHub) Azure Functions docs Create a free […]

Azure Service Fabric Mesh preview | Azure Friday

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Chacko Daniel joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure Service Fabric Mesh, which offers the same reliability, mission-critical performance and scale customers get with Service Fabric, but no more overhead of cluster management and patching operations. Service Fabric Mesh supports both Windows and Linux containers allowing you to develop with any programming language and framework of […]