TWC9: .NET 5.0 Preview 7, Git News, Windows Terminal 1.2, and more! | This Week On Channel 9

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We are back with another episode of This Week on Channel 9! Join us as Christina, clad in a Ben Gibbord classic, catches you up on the latest developer news. [00:35] – .NET 5.0 Preview 7 is now available! [01:23] – Windows Terminal 1.2 Preview and Customization Tips [02:24] – Git New Roundup (Git 2.28.0 and […]

Drive higher utilization of Azure HDInsight clusters with Autoscale | Data Exposed

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Are you looking to gain more control of the costs of operating your growing Azure HDInsight clusters? Are you interested in driving higher utilization of your Azure HDInsight clusters? If yes, then you should definitely watch this video to learn about how to leverage Azure HDInsight Autoscale feature to help you achieve higher cost efficiency. […]

Messaging with Azure Event Hubs | On .NET

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In this episode, Serkant Karaca and Shubha Vijayasarathy from the Azure Event Hubs team join us to talk about how and when to use Azure Event Hubs as the messaging component in our .NET applications. They’ll discuss use cases, cover topics like partitioning  and also show how to use the .NET SDK for Event Hubs. [01:06] […]

Advanced Features with Azure Service Bus | On .NET

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In this episode, Ashish Chhabria joins Cecil to talk about some of the more advanced features of Azure Service Bus. They’ll cover topics such as scheduling, differed messages, duplicate detection, disaster recovery and more! [00:37] – Using sessions [04:46] – Auto Forwarding [07:24] – Scheduling messages [09:00] – Deferred messages [13:17] – Duplicate detection [16:00] […]

What is Microsoft Learn?

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Microsoft Learn, at, is the easiest way to learn products and services through task-based, interactive learning. With hundreds of free courses, localized into 23 different languages, covering Azure, Dynamics, Power Apps, Flow, with more coming in the future! Whether you’re just starting or an experienced professional, our hands-on approach helps you arrive at your […]

Understanding the Azure.Core library | On .NET

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In this episode, we joined by Microsoft Azure Software Architect, Jeffrey Richter, who gives us a thorough overview of the Azure.Core library and its HTTP pipeline implementation. [01:10] – The HTTP pipeline [05:58] – Extending the pipeline [07:55] – Creating custom policies [16:00] – Future potentials for the HTTP pipeline [17:11] – Why didn’t we […]

Improving Performance for Pwned Passwords | The DevOps Lab

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Damian sits down with fellow Aussie and Microsoft Regional Director Troy Hunt to talk about dramatically improving performance for his new Pwned Passwords offering. Troy runs a popular high traffic site – – so amazing performance is a must, even through unexpected traffic spikes. In this episode, Troy shows us how he’s dramatically reduced […]