TWC9: Post Build Edition, Surface Hub 2, GDPR Guides, and more | This Week On Channel 9

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This week on Channel 9, Christina is back from Build, ready to bring you the latest developer news, including: [00:29]: Catch up on Microsoft Build 2018 and Microsoft Build 2018 playlist on YouTube [00:57]: Catch up on all the Azure announcements from Build 2018 [01:14]: Azure Developer Tour [01:35]: Insider Dev Tour 2018 [01:45]: Xamarin.Essentials: […]

Conversational AI and Authentication | AI Show

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Connecting your bot to resources like the Microsoft Graph API, LinkedIn, or Uber can be challenging. In this video, learn about the newly built-in authentication cards supported in Azure Bot Service, enabling your bot to authenticate users against a wide variety of auth providers and perform tasks on their behalf. Conversational AI and Authentication | […]

Meet the New Bot Framework Emulator | AI Show

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For those of you using the Microsoft Bot Framework, developing and testing your bot just became much easier with the newest release of the Bot Framework Emulator! We have updated the Emulator with several, powerful features and given it a face lift. This session will walk you through a high-level overview of some of the […]

Project Personality Chat for Bot Developers | AI Show

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Encountering chitchat and small talk is pretty common for a bot, and it’s where a lot of bots struggle. Ron Owens joins Seth Juarez to discuss Project Personality Chat. Personality Chat helps a developer enhance their bot’s conversational capabilities, by answering a wide range of small talk queries in a consistent, identifiable tone of voice. […]