How to build and deploy a containerized app to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) | Azure Friday

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Jay Gordon (@jaydestro) joins Donovan Brown (@donovanbrown) to show how to build a containerized React application and deploy it to production with Azure Kubernetes Service. He’ll also show how to configure an Azure Active Directory service principal to enable Role-Based Authentication, which enables you to dynamically create and manage other Azure resources. [0:01:07] – Demo […]

What is Cloud Native, Really? | Cloud Native

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Get the definition from the engineers on campus up close and personal on the Cloud Native Show. In our Pilot episode, follow Shayne as he explores the Microsoft campus to have Cloud Native explained to him by Distinguished Engineer, Brendan Burns. For more episodes be sure to subscribe at Free Azure AccountBuild cloud-native applications […]

TWC9: .NET Core 3.0 Preview 7, Visual Studio 2019 Updates, TypeScript 3.6 Beta and more | This Week On Channel 9

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This Week on Channel 9, Christina is refreshed from Microsoft’s internal hackathon and ready to dive into the latest developer news, including: [00:38] .NET Core 3.0 Preview 7 [01:58] Visual Studio 2019 16.2 and 16.3 Preview [02:30] Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 8.2 and 8.3 Preview [02:55] Visual Studio 2019 Pluralsight and the Pluralsight path [03:17] TypeScript 3.6 Beta and Redmonk’s Programming Languages Rankings […]

Secure traffic between pods using network policies in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) | Azure Friday

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Did you know that by default, all pods in a Kubernetes cluster will accept traffic from any source? Now, with network policies available out-of-the-box in Azure Kubernetes Service you can isolate pods, control egress & ingress traffic, and secure your workloads. Saurya Das is here to show us how it works. Secure traffic between pods […]