Exploring the Visual Studio Test Platform | On .NET

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 The Visual Studio Test platform is the engine that powers the testing capabilities in Visual Studio and also the .NET CLI. The platform provides an extensibility model for test frameworks (and language runtimes) to provide a common set  of operations such as filtering and test execution. In this episode, Sarabjot Singh joins Kendra to give us […]

Reducing Bugs In Your Code with Coverlet | On .NET

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Code coverage is a measurement of how much of your source code is tested by your given test suite. In this episode, Toni Solarin-Sodara joins us to talk about his code coverage library, Coverlet. This gives us the ability to measure code coverage for .NET Core applications in a cross platform way. [01:39] – What is […]

Unit Testing Tools in Visual Studio 2017 | Visual Studio Toolbox

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In this video, Robert is joined by Kendra Havens, who shows us some of the excellent unit test tooling in Visual Studio 2017, including testing performance improvements [03:57], Hierarchy View in the Test Explorer [05:13], generating unit tests [09:35], Intellitest [10:50], code coverage [16:10] and Live Unit Testing [19:10].  Unit Testing Tools in Visual Studio […]