Mixed Reality + Azure | #ifdef WINDOWS

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What happens when you combine Windows Mixed Reality and Microsoft Azure? Dr. Neil talks about his creations and more. https://aka.ms/ifdef-mr-azure Questions, comments, suggestions – comment below or on Twitter #ifdef WINDOWS: https://twitter.com/ifdefWINDOWSNikola Metulev: https://twitter.com/metulev Mixed Reality + Azure | #ifdef WINDOWS Source: MSDN Channel 9

Kinect to Driver4VR

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Today’s product is one that’s pretty cool that turns your Kinect (old or new) into a VR Controller! Check out Kevin Carbotte‘s article on Tom’s Hardware about Driver4VR… You Can Use A Kinect For Full Body Tracking In SteamVR; Here’s How When HTC releases the Vive Tracker universal tracking devices to the consumer market before […]