Updating the WinForms Designer for .NET Core 3.0 | On .NET

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There are many benefits that .NET Core can bring to desktop applications. With .NET Core 3.0, support is being adding for building desktop application with WinForms and WPF. In this episode, Jeremy is joined by Merrie McGaw and Dustin Campbell who share some interesting insights on the work that’s going into getting the WinForms designer […]

How to port desktop applications to .NET Core 3.0 | On .NET

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With every subsequent release, .NET Core continues to improve with greater levels performance, security and new features that help enhance developer workflow. In .NET Core 3.0, developers will see tons of improvements around our capabilities to build Cloud, Web, IoT, and Machine Learning applications. One of the biggest enhancements will also be support for Windows […]

UI Automation with WinAppDriver – Preview into 1.1 | #ifdef WINDOWS

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Hassan Uraizee stopped by to talk about what’s new with WinAppDriver – a UI Test Automation framework for Windows apps – https://aka.ms/ifdef-winappdriver   Questions, comments, suggestions – comment below or on Twitter   #ifdef WINDOWS: https://twitter.com/ifdefWINDOWSNikola Metulev: https://twitter.com/metulev UI Automation with WinAppDriver – Preview into 1.1 | #ifdef WINDOWS Source: MSDN Channel 9

#ifdef MODERNIZE | #ifdef WINDOWS

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Leverage existing WPF / WinForms investments to bring a modern user experience that reaches new audiences enabled by Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, .NET Standard 2.0 and Visual Studio tooling Demo available on Github Other relevant resources:  – Porting to .NET Standard from .NET Framework – .NET Standard overview – .NET Standard GitHub repo – .NET […]