Coding4Fun November 2017 Round-up

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This is our second to last Coding4Fun Round-up. I’m trying to decide if the next, and last, will be a 2017 Round-up or one that covers the entire time I’ve been doing the Coding4Fun blog, since January 2011. What do you think?

Coding4Fun Blog

Happy 9th, Small Basic!
IoT for Anyone
Your New Virtual API Review Assistant
Building BuildCast, with UWP Media App Best Practices
Cooking up the RetroPie
Putting a Hex on Visual Studio
Getting in the Xbox One Game with GameMaker Studio
Creation Crate v2
Taking the Pain out of Proj Editing
Getting Constructive with Construct 3
Soldering 101
Meaningful Comments with Memeful Comments

Beta Testers Needed: Triptiko – 3D Mirror Kinect
Kinecting to IoT
Kinecting Beyond Gaming

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Coding4Fun November 2017 Round-up
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