Coding4Fun October 2017 Round-up

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While it didn’t seem to have a great impact, I think my favorite post of October was Please ask it in the form of a question…. Who doesn’t want Jeopardy questions in your Visual Studio? (Well, I guess given the download count, you all don’t… but still… 😉

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Please ask it in the form of a question…
BOTR – The Book of the Runtime
Windows 10 IoT Core Walkthrough
Chuck doesn’t need Build Tasks…
Can you see me now? PhotoLab UWP Sample App
Join the Journey from Device to Action at the IoT Virtual Bootcamp
Is It Inlined?
Get Fluent with the XAML Controls Gallery
IoT in Action! Boston, October 30th
No Source? No PDB? No Problem, ILSpy!
One Hour to your First Cortana Skill!
Get the Azure IoT Developer Kit Now…

No one’s doing Kinect Dev? Not so fast…
MR Schooling at the Mixed Reality Academy
Kinect to the Right Fit
Mixed Reality Beginners Guide

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Coding4Fun October 2017 Round-up
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