The MagPi's "Electronics Starter Guide"

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Dovetailing well with last month’s Soldering 101 post, the cool MagPi magazine has and entire edition dedicated to…

The MagPi Issue 64, Electronics Starter Guide

Electronics Starter Guide

Everybody knows the Raspberry Pi is a coding tool. It’s inspiring a whole new generation of students and developers.

But the Raspberry Pi is much more than that. Coding on a Raspberry Pi has purpose, and that purpose is to control hardware and make things that whizz, whirr, and do stuff.

If you’re new to this. We’ve got an amazing Electronics Starter Guide this month. Inside you’ll find everything you need to get started with circuits on a Raspberry Pi.

If you’re already a master hacker, don’t worry: we have something massive for you this month.

AIY Projects: Vision Kit

AIY Projects is back with a bang, and Google has revealed to us its new Vision Kit. Think ‘Google Clips made from cardboard’.

Plus! All of this inside The MagPi 64
  • Retro gaming: Your quick-start 101 introduction to retro game emulation
  • Make a text adventure: Code your own text adventure with this classic tutorial
  • The best Christmas kits for Pi projects
  • A NASA drawing robot powered by Raspberry Pi

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The MagPi's "Electronics Starter Guide"
Source: MSDN Channel 9